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My name is Heather Jensen, CA Financial Planning Specialist with Wealth Fusion and I coach women who may be experiencing financial stress, are time poor or struggling to understand how to use money as a tool and create financial freedom which is meaningful and from the heart.    

What separates my services from other financial advisers is I have a specific focus on working with women.  I have researched women's behaviour with money and found first you need to fully understand your attitudes and investment style, second, you need to modify and create positive beliefs around your finances before you can then thirdly, move forward to create a bright financial future.


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You need someone to act now to quickly assess your financial situation and provide a clear plan of how you can live a better quality of life now and in retirement.

You need someone to explain in a way you can understand your superannuation and what this means to you and how it can grow so you can have a better lifestyle in retirement.

A clear picture of what life insurance you should have in place that will protect you and is cost-effective.

Moral support is also really important to you and having someone in your corner to act as a sounding board and part of your team of advisers so you feel empowered and on your path toward financial independence.      

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I have taken the time to really understand you.  I know your selflessness in caring for others, continually updating your knowledge and skills in your chosen career as well as spending time with your family and friends leaves you little time to focus on you and your finances. 

You are intelligent, driven and eager to learn.  You are passionate about what you do and know it’s your calling in life.

Your biggest need right now is making sure you can live a better quality of life now and in the future without worrying about money.

You need someone to immediately start guiding you on the best options for making the most of your investments so you don’t waste any more time on regret.



Heather Jensen, BA (Acc), MBA, CA Financial Planning Specialist

I grew up in your average Aussie battler family. My parents moved from the countryside to Adelaide to secure work and raise their family of 3. My father worked, my mother was unable to be employed due to the law at that time, so she took on ironing jobs.

My mother became ill from cancer and passed away when I was 15 (she was 40). I moved out and began my journey towards financial independence at the age of 18.

Whilst at high school my father thought I should attend secretarial school. I knew that wasn’t for me. I loved learning, solving problems, my best subjects were mathematics. Not many girls went to university then. I applied to study Accounting. I completed my degree by studying part time and working full time with Commonwealth Bank.

My degree opened a doorway into the professional world of Accounting. I worked with Accounting firms in Adelaide in their Insolvency divisions. I quickly moved to Manager level. I married, we had purchased our own home, an investment property and living a wonderful life going out with friends and travelling when we could.

Who knew I would be retrenched at the same time I had just signed to purchase another investment property using debt and my marriage was not going well. I was in a mess.

Resilience springs to mind in getting through that time. I found work in the corporate world as Finance Director for private hospitals in Darwin, Melbourne and Adelaide. Went through a messy divorce and wound up back where I had started financially, in fact because I took on the debts, was worse off. What helped me get through were the wonderful caring medical professionals and staff I got to know and to experience living in different parts of our wonderful country.

Once you have made a total change in direction it becomes easier to do so again. I established a business offering Accounting and Business Services. This gave me the flexibility to work the hours that suited as I had re-married and two young daughters I wanted to care for.

The business grew over the next 10 years during which I went back to study in order to offer Financial Planning services. It felt like I had finally stumbled onto my niche. Financial planning involves problem solving, forward thinking, helping people plan how to get in to a better financial situation no matter what life throws at them. I loved the area so much I sold my Accounting business and became a Financial Planning Specialist. I now offer my services at Wealth Fusion who are located at Unley in Adelaide.

My experience is what has shaped who I am and why I am passionate about helping women in particular get through life’s challenges far stronger and a lot quicker.

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